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Every year 14th June is celebrated globally as “World Blood Donor Day” to mark the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, the researcher who discovered the various blood groups. To mark “World Blood Donor Day”, department of Blood Transfusion Services (BTS), SBAMI, celebrated it for the whole week as “Voluntary Blood Donation Week” from 13th June to 20th June 2015. Celebrations started with cake cutting and encouragement of staff by CEO, Dr. D.P. Saraswat and Dr Aruna Sud for their hard work to serve the humanity.

A total of 49 voluntary donors (45 male and 4 female) including doctors, Blood bank staff, hospital staff and various factories’ staff from Action group of companies, successfully donated blood during this week. All donors were honored with appreciation letter, voluntary card of one year validity and gift as gesture of thanksgiving to them. Donors were informed to collect their reports from the department for their record. During this week long activity, Mr. Raj Kumar Gupta, President and Mr. R.C. Chharia, General Secretary, SBAMI also visited the Blood Bank and encouraged the blood bank staff for their hard work and commitment towards their duties. Event was a great success.

Women’s Day

This Women’s Day, Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute decided to bring all the women together and root out their health related problems. A free general health check-up and health talk was organized at the hospital.

The check-up included Consultation/ Blood Sugar, Breast Examination, General check up, 50% discount on Mammography and PAP Smear.

This was followed by a health talk by a senior consultant.

68 women visited the camp. Various problems like Pain/lump/mass in breast, Nipple problems-discharge/retraction, Small/large or unequal breast, Axillary breast, Vaginal bleeding/ discharge, Arm pit mass/lump, Sagging/tubular breast, Family history of breast problems or cancer, Irregular menstrual cycle, etc. were addressed.

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