Month: February 2021

6 Exercises That You Should Include In Your Routine If You Are Pregnant.


How enticing it is to see those two little lines on the kit, confirming your pregnancy I know your heart might have surely skipped a beat. It is immensely exhilarating to know that, from now on you will not be alone; there will be a tiny you growing inside and you will have to meticulously […]

Tips for healthy pregnancy


A woman enters the phase of motherhood through pregnancy. To be more precise a carefree, chirpy girl instantly transforms into a woman when she comes to know about the baby who has just started developing inside of her and the feeling is unfathomable. It is such a beautiful experience when you see those two little […]



Glaucoma is one of the most common yet risky diseases for the eyes, typically affecting the older generation but not limited to them. It is daunting to perceive that we may lose our vision in the coming future. What can we do is retaliate and search for a cure soon. Sitting back will not help, […]

The Bliss of Being A New Mom


The most exhilarating feeling of womanhood is becoming a Mother, holding the baby built inside you and finally in your arms after 9 long months of endurance, how miraculous is that!  A woman might not be as brawny as men but if we take emotional challenges into consideration, she can turn corners with a snap. […]