Diabetes Clinic

Diabetes Clinic

As per the latest estimates, by 2030, 9% of Indian population will be affected by diabetes in some form or the other. Currently today an approximate two thirds of the middle and upper class is at risk of type two diabetes which is mainly because of the emergence of urban lifestyle trends and a growing negligence of health and nutrition. To be prepared and counter the disease, there is a dire need of specialized clinics for diabetes management and rehabilitation. Research has shown that better control of blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels in persons with diabetes helps reduce the risk of kidney disease, eye disease, nervous system disease, heart attack and stroke. Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute’s Action Diabetic Centre is a specialized centre catering exclusively to all types of diabetes cases. The centre is famed for its globally compatible specialty healthcare owing to its state-of-the-art equipments for Diabetic Neuropathy, foot pressure and foot sensation screening. 

For effective management of Diabetes, the clinic also offers tailor made health packages that give patients the freedom to lead a normal life. These packages are specially designed keeping in mind individual needs and requirements of the patients. Personalized care and attention provided to patients is the forte of the centre. The centre is associated with highly trained and super specialist doctors, which enables it to provide quality treatment to the patients. Our treatment plan holistically inculcates medicine, diet and exercise to control blood sugar and prevent symptoms and problems. To effectively counter complications of diabetes visit your Action Healthcare Centre and Action diabetes educator at least four times a year. Talk about any problems experienced and don’t let symptoms go unnoticed. 

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