We provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eye care for the protection, preservation, enhancement and restoration of vision for any age group. The ophthalmology department is equipped with cutting edge technology in the form of sophisticated diagnostic and micro surgical equipment and to provide the complete eye care. We have doctors who are fellowship trained in their field. 

We provide the services in following fields: 

1. Cataract

     a. Refractive Cataract Surgery
     b. Phacoemulsification
     c. Micro Incision Cataract Surgery
     d. Paediatric cataract Surgery
     e. Traumatic Cataract

Best of Intraocular lenses option Aspheric Monoforal lenses Multifocal lenses (Restore) Accommodative IOLs (crystalens) Toric IOL MIL (MI 60) 

2. Glaucoma

  a. Complete Glaucoma evaluation
    i. GAT
    ii. 3 mirror gonioscopy
    iii. HVF (Automated Field Analysis)

  b. Glaucoma Management
    i. Medical 
    ii. Surgical
    iii. Laser

3. Refractive Vision Correction

     a. Contact lenses option, LASIK, ICL and Toric ICL
       Keeping in mind the enthusiastic population who wants to be spectacle free.

4. Ocular Surface Disease (OSD) Program

      a. Including Dry Eyes, DCR, OCT

5. Retina Services

    a. Fundus Florescin Angiography
    b. Diabetic Lasers
    c. Laser Photocoagulation (Frequency Doubled YAG Laser)
    d. ROP screening with laser Photocoagulation
    e. RD surgery and retinal re-attachment surgery
    f. Combined buckling and vitrectomy surgery for advanced PVR
    g. Removal of dropped lens matter
    h. V R Surgery for advanced trauma cases and removal of intraocular foreign body

6. Ocular Prosthesis

    a. Specialized Centre for Custom Artificial Eye

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