Operation Theaters

Operation Theaters

Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute has taken great care in constructing and maintaining a total of eleven state of the art ergonomically efficient Operation Theatres (O.T.). These O.T.'S are equipped with the latest design, features and equipment conforming to the latest international standards. The hospital premises are provided with central air supply and laminar airflow. For maintaining sterile conditions epoxy coating on the floors and steel cladding on the walls has been done.

The hospital offers all major or minor and elective or emergency operation services round the clock daily. Operations can also be done on a daycare basis based on the patient’s requirement.

Ergonomics and Equipment of the Operation Room:

  • Hermetically sealed modular theatres with both hand and foot operated sensor doors (equipped with nylon for smooth frictionless movement) are installed in the hospital. Each door is provided with a 300 X 300 mm size viewing window
  • The flooring is seamless and is anti static and conductive thus making it resistant to mechanical stress and dynamic loads
  • Inside each operation theatre there are four exhaust outlets. Exhausts at each corner near the floor are equipped with HEPA filters and the central air exhaust is covered with a hand woven polyester sheet. There are 20 air changes per hour in order to minimize surgical site infections.
  • All Operating lights are ceiling mounted and resistant to laminar air flow. They are specially designed to emit yellow light and less shadow
  • All operation tables are electro hydraulic for the sake of flexibility and ease in performing various kinds of surgeries
  • Theatre wall comprises of tile based membrane type control panel mounted on it which also includes a Day time clock, Lapse time clock, dimmer for plain air and peripheral lights, hands free telephone, medical gases status indicator and alarm and indicators for temperature and humidity
  • Twin plate X-ray viewing box installed in the O.T
  • A cascade pressure stabilizer having 304 grade blades has been set up.
  • There are two stainless steel scrub sinks with photo electric sensors.
  • All theatres are provided with continuous central supply of Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, high and low pressure air at required flow. Six theatres are fitted with extra ceiling mounted endoscopic pendants with central supply of carbon dioxide for Laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Regular electric supply through UPS is ensured in the theatres.
  • The spacious pre and post operative areas are fitted with are fitted with modern monitors along with other paraphernalia for continuous observation of patients.


All the above stated procedures are performed under special precautions and aseptic conditions for infection control. Regular microbiological surveillance of OT’S to maintain the highest levels of standard. O.T. personnel are also regularly trained on various aspects like the use of disinfectants, sterilized handling equipment, and preparation of medication, infection control practices, waste management, patient management and overall universal precaution.

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