Services and Facilities

Operation Theaters

Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute has taken great care in constructing and maintaining a total of eleven state of the art ergonomically efficient Operation Theatres (O.T.). These O.T.'S are equipped with the latest design, features and equipment conforming to the latest international standards. The hospital premises are provided with central air supply and laminar airflow. For maintaining sterile conditions epoxy coating on the floors and steel cladding on the walls has been done.

The hospital offers all major or minor and elective or emergency operation services round the clock daily. Operations can also be done on a daycare basis based on the patient’s requirement.

Ergonomics and Equipment of the Operation Room:

  • Hermetically sealed modular theatres with both hand and foot operated sensor doors (equipped with nylon for smooth frictionless movement) are installed in the hospital. Each door is provided with a 300 X 300 mm size viewing window
  • The flooring is seamless and is anti static and conductive thus making it resistant to mechanical stress and dynamic loads
  • Inside each operation theatre there are four exhaust outlets. Exhausts at each corner near the floor are equipped with HEPA filters and the central air exhaust is covered with a hand woven polyester sheet. There are 20 air changes per hour in order to minimize surgical site infections.
  • All Operating lights are ceiling mounted and resistant to laminar air flow. They are specially designed to emit yellow light and less shadow
  • All operation tables are electro hydraulic for the sake of flexibility and ease in performing various kinds of surgeries
  • Theatre wall comprises of tile based membrane type control panel mounted on it which also includes a Day time clock, Lapse time clock, dimmer for plain air and peripheral lights, hands free telephone, medical gases status indicator and alarm and indicators for temperature and humidity
  • Twin plate X-ray viewing box installed in the O.T
  • A cascade pressure stabilizer having 304 grade blades has been set up.
  • There are two stainless steel scrub sinks with photo electric sensors.
  • All theatres are provided with continuous central supply of Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, high and low pressure air at required flow. Six theatres are fitted with extra ceiling mounted endoscopic pendants with central supply of carbon dioxide for Laparoscopic surgeries.
  • Regular electric supply through UPS is ensured in the theatres.
  • The spacious pre and post operative areas are fitted with are fitted with modern monitors along with other paraphernalia for continuous observation of patients.

All the above stated procedures are performed under special precautions and aseptic conditions for infection control. Regular microbiological surveillance of OT’S to maintain the highest levels of standard. O.T. personnel are also regularly trained on various aspects like the use of disinfectants, sterilized handling equipment, and preparation of medication, infection control practices, waste management, patient management and overall universal precaution.

Ambulance Services

At Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, our foremost priority is to reach a patient in the least time possible, because the treatment given to the patient in the GOLDEN HOUR plays a vital role in its outcome and so our emergency department is well backed with state of the art ambulance services which are fully equipped with:
Ambulance service for both incoming and outgoing patients is available round the clock.

*For Ambulance services contact no. 45666666

Support Services

General OPD™ and Private OPD™ by experienced consultants is provided in all disciplines of healthcare Accident and Emergency – The hospital has a 24 hour emergency ward well equipped to handle all kinds of emergencies under the guidance of dedicated doctors and paramedical staff. The emergency center runs its own A/C Cardiac Ambulance.

Kitchen – The main cause of spreading of infections is through food and beverages. SBAMI has a specialized kitchen area where food is prepared adhering to dietary and cleanliness standards by expert chefs. Hospital kitchen is designed to maintain high levels of hygiene with different temperature zones. Each and every equipments, trolleys or utensils are of stainless steel for greater cleanliness.

  • Cafeteria and reception counter for patient
  • Health status round the clock
  • Internet facility in rooms
  • TV cable services
  • CCTV monitored security
  • Laundry
  • Generators for uninterrupted power supply
EWS Services

EWS Services

  • Availability of Medical Facilities : Click here
  • Availability of beds : General Beds : 250, EWS Beds : 25
  • Help line No. : 011-42-888-888
  • Nodal Officer for providing Medical Treatment of EWS patients in Sri Balaji Action Medical Insititute. (Phone Number 011-42-888-888)
  • Liaison Officer of DGHS in Sri Balaji Action Medical Insititute -Mr Rajesh Mann (Phone Number : 9891214884 )
Accident and Emergency

The hospital has a 24 hour emergency ward well equipped to handle all kinds of treatments under the guidance of dedicated doctors and paramedical staff. The emergency center runs its own A/C Cardiac Ambulance.

The hospital has a spacious parking area and a waiting hall for visitors with access to lift and staircase from outside the building.

Mother Child Complex

We have a specialized mother child complex to take care of the new born, pre-term and critically sick babies. The complex houses well equipped nurseries, NICU, Observation nursery, Isolation and Infant ICU. The center is backed by electronic labour table, latest monitors, Cardiotocograph machine for external fetal monitoring, Hi-tech Neo-natal resuscitation unit beside facilities of transport incubators, latest generation ventilators, pulse oximeter, multi-para monitoring, double surface photo therapy and servo control warmers. The complex is a first one in Delhi that offers the facility of natural child birth in a single room with special birthing bed.

Contemporary Cardiac Centre

Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute’s contemporary cardiac center has an immediate intensive care to cater to serious patients during the golden hours. The cardiac center is equipped with advanced investigative facilities where important decisions like Intra-aortic Balloon Pump, Ventilator, Cardiac Pacing, Angioplasty or Bypass are taken without delay. Our non-invasive sophisticated diagnostic facilities include Holter monitoring system, Electrocardiogram, TMT, Color Doppler, Pulmonary Function Test Lab and 2D/ED Echocardiography. The diagnostic tests provide complete picture of the condition of the patient before taking any preventive and remedial measures. Our Cardiac Centre also includes interventional Cardiology techniques with high resolution flat panel Cardiac Catheterization Lab that performs full range of invasive procedures of Coronary Carotid & Renal Angiography, Coronary & Peripheral Angioplasty, Stenting, Balloon Mitral, Aortic and Pulmonary Valvuloplasty. We also perform Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery with total arterial revascularization to offer long term patency of graft. Surgery on the beating heart is done without using heart-lung machine by a team of highly trained surgeons and anesthesiologists. The intensive care units provide constant monitoring and critical care to the post operative patients.


We provide state-of-the-art diagnostic services all under one roof:

  • Latest MRI 1.5 Tesla MAGNETOM AVANTO featuring total imaging matrix TIM which permits seamless whole body anatomical coverage without patient repositioning
  • 64 Slice latest MD volume CT
  • Sub second rotation time with all advanced applications for CT angiography include non invasive CT coronary angiography
  • AXIOM ICONOS remote controlled Digital Fluoroscopy
  • Latest Computerized Radiology CR system.
  • Latest color Doppler 4D Ultrasound machines.
  • Hologic Bone Densitometer DXA for detection of osteoporosis, thinning of bones
  • Latest digital mammography machine
  • USG and CT guided biopsy and other interventions
  • Dedicated mammography for early detection of breast cancer
Laboratory services

Blood cell count is done with top of the line hematology analyzer. Reflectance photometer is employed for evaluation of urine test and for semen analysis. Four channel coagulo-meters is used for full range of blood clotting assays.

  • Clinical Biochemistry: A fully automatic biochemistry analyzer is used for reliability of all biochemical tests including enzymes, proteins and component fractions.
  • Microbiology Laboratory has a complete system for blood and sterile body fluid culture with facility of culture for tuberculosis bacteria in the same assembly, Mini API system for identification of drug sensitivity.
  • Immuno Assay Laboratory houses tumor markers & drug levels, Elisa reader along with programmable Elisa plate washer for coverage of full range of immuno assays, fully automated analyzer for hormones and infections markers.
  • Histopathology and Cytopathology uses automatic tissue processor with microprocessor control unit for biopsy and surgical tissue examination. Rapid reporting & early diagnosis of cancer is done with the help of well equipped Cyto and Histo-pathology sections.
Blood Bank

Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute runs its own blood bank to aid patients in elective and emergency situations. Blood Bank’s laboratory has an advanced aphaeresis machine for component separation for all platelets requirements and for component extraction from whole blood. It also helps in component therapy and to minimize blood transfusion reaction. Components storage is done in blood bank refrigerators, platelet agitator and deep freezers.

DNB Programs/ Academics


DNB courses are recognized by National Board of Examination (NBE), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Govt of India. NBE conducts CET for admission to DNB courses. Admission is done through CET merit based counseling which is held by NBE at its office in Dwarka, New Delhi. Admissions to DNB Courses in Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute are done through National Board of Examinations. For any further clarification please refer to NBE website (

Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute is running DNB program in the following specialties:

  • DNB - Cardiology
  • DNB - General Medicine
  • DNB - Immunohematology & Transfusion Medicine
  • DNB - Obst & Gynae
  • DNB - Pediatrics
  • DNB - Radio Diagnosis

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