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Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute has been dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare services for more than 19 years. Today, Sri Balaji Medical Institute stands as one of the pre-eminent private healthcare providers in the Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) and holds a prominent position among private healthcare institutions across India. Our guiding principle, established in 2004, is unwavering - the patient always comes first. We provide compassionate care that encompasses a wide spectrum of healthcare needs, including clinical research, primary, secondary & tertiary care, outpatient and day-care treatment, and even complex and urgent care.


Our Institute boasts a comprehensive array of medical specialties, including over 30 specialties and more than 15 super specialties. We proudly hold the prestigious NABH certification, a testament to our world-class infrastructure. 


"The Institute has been promoted by Lala Munni Lal Mange Ram Charitable Trust of Action Group of Companies. The chairman of the trust Lala Mange Ram Agarwal, a great philanthropist had a strong desire to build a hospital for the service of mankind".


Equipment, facilities and nursing standards are all structured keeping patient welfare as the ultimate goal. The core catalyst of the hospital functions is patient welfare and recovery. For us, freedom from pain, restoration of perfect health and resumption of normal life with respect to the patient is of paramount importance and throughout the treatment process the mental and physical well-being of the patient is the main priority. We have thus encapsulated these work ethics in our motto “healing with a human touch” and strive to always uphold it.


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Resilience Prevails: Kiran's Journey from Fear to Healing test

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Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! To schedule an online appointment with a specialist, you typically need to follow these steps:
1. Visit the Hospital's Website:- www.actionhospital.in 
2. Navigate to the Book an Appointment Section: Look at Book an Appointment section which is based at the extreme right side of the website in the top Menu next to International patient section.
3. Select the Speciality and Doctor: Choose the specialty or department you need (e.g., Cardiology, Dermatology, etc.) and select a specific doctor you have one in mind.
4. Choose a Convenient Date and Time: Look for a calendar which allows you to choose a date and time for your appointment. Confirm the date & the timing of the appointment which you prefer & click on ‘Next’
5. Already Registered or Not Registered. You need to select, if you are already registered with the Hospital or not. 

If already Registered: Pls. click on ‘Registered’
6. Enter your Mobile Number & than click on ‘Send OTP’. After clicking on the same, you will be getting the OTP through the What’s app Business Account of Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute.  
7. Enter OTP & click on Verify OTP. 
8. Fill Out Necessary Information: Select the patient’s name & provide any required information, such as your personal details. This information helps the hospital prepare for your appointment.
9. Make payments and Receive Confirmation: You need to make payments, review your appointment details and confirm the booking. After confirmation, you will receive what’s app message with the appointment details.

If Not Registered: Pls. click on ‘Not Registered’
10. Fill Out Necessary Information: Select the patient’s name & provide any required information, such as your personal details. This information helps the hospital prepare for your appointment
11. Make payments and Receive Confirmation: You need to make payments, review your appointment details and confirm the booking. After confirmation, you may receive what’s app message with the appointment details
If you're having trouble finding the information on the hospital's website or encounter any issues, you may consider reaching out to the hospital directly at 011-42888888. You can then communicate your request for an appointment and ask for guidance on the scheduling process.
You may also schedule your appointment by directly establishing a contact at 011-42888888.

Thank you for reaching out to inquire about the accepted Insurance Companies/TPA's at our hospital. We understand that navigating the world of insurance can be complex, and we are here to assist you.
At Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, we strive to provide comprehensive healthcare services to our patients. We currently accept a wide range of Insurance Companies/TPA's to ensure accessibility for our diverse community. However, insurance networks can change, and it's essential to verify our current list of accepted plans.

To find out if your Insurance Companies/TPA's is accepted or for any related inquiries, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Visit our official website: www.actionhospital.in 
  2. Navigate to the "Patient Care" section.
  3. Look for a list of accepted Insurance Companies/TPA's. This information is regularly updated to reflect any changes.

If you have difficulty in finding the information on our website, you may contact our Billing and Insurance Department directly. They will be happy to assist you and provide the most up-to-date information. You may contact Billing and Insurance Department at 011 – 42888888

Please remember that it's crucial to verify your insurance coverage before scheduling any appointments or procedures. If you have specific questions about your Insurance Companies/TPA's or need assistance with any other aspect of your healthcare journey, our dedicated staff is here to help you.

Thank you for reaching out to inquire about the proximity of our hospital to the nearest metro station. We appreciate your interest and understand the importance of convenient access to healthcare.
Sri Balaji action Medical Institute is conveniently located in close proximity to Paschim Vihar East Metro Station, making it easily accessible for patients and visitors. The distance between the hospital and the metro station is approximately 200 meters and is almost at walking distance. 
We hope this information is helpful, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you at Sri Balaji action Medical Institute. If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 011 - 42888888.

Thank you for reaching out with your question about the treatment of panel patients at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. We appreciate your interest in our healthcare services.
At Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, we are committed to providing comprehensive and inclusive care to all patients, including those covered under various panels. We work with a diverse range of PSU's and panel networks to ensure accessibility to our healthcare services.
To confirm whether your specific panel is accepted and to get more detailed information about our coverage and services, we recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Visit our official website: www.actionhospital.in 
  2. Navigate to the ‘Patient Care’ Section on the website Homepage. 
  3. Navigate to the ‘All Companies on Panel’ section and look for details on accepted PSU's and panel networks

If you encounter any difficulty finding this information on our website or if you have specific inquiries about your panel insurance, please contact our Billing and Panel Department. They are equipped to provide personalized assistance and can address any questions you may have.
Billing and Insurance Department Contact: 011 – 42888888
We understand that navigating healthcare coverage can be complex, and our team is here to support you throughout the process. We value the opportunity to serve you at Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute and assure you of our commitment to delivering high-quality care to all our patients.

The patient has the right, within the law, to personal and informational privacy as manifested by:

  • Patient can refuse to talk with or see any one, not officially concerned with the hospital and who is not directly involved with the care.
  • Patient can be interviewed and examined in surroundings, designed to assure reasonable privacy. It is patients’ right to have a person of one’s own gender present during physical examination, or procedure done by the health care professional. Female attendant or nurse shall always be present in case of a female patient.
  • Patient is involved to be a part of discussion or consultation, involving his/ her case, however it is not be conducted in public and the individuals not involved in direct care shall not be present, without permission of the patient.
  • Has his / her medical record read only by individuals, directly involved in the treatment or monitoring of quality and by other individuals only on authorization by the patient or that of his / her legally authorized representative.
  • Right to have confidentiality of all communications and records pertaining to his care. In the course of performing work responsibilities, information is considered confidential with regard to patient, family and doctor. As a condition of employment, health care personnel shall be cautioned not to discuss any such information of patients in public places or with others except other health professionals directly involved in the care. A patient`s medical records shall be made available to person, not directly concerned with his/her care, only after obtaining his/her written permission.
  • Confidential information including HIV status shall not be revealed without patient’s permission. It shall not be explicitly pasted / written on the cover of the medical record. Only a red colour sticker shall be pasted on the file cover to demarcate the HIV status of the patient so that it is not easily understandable by the public at large.
  • The concerned family members or other legally authorized person are informed about his/ her care in privacy and with due consideration of confidentiality
  • To maintain confidentiality regarding disclosure of detailed information to the press. Any such enquiries shall be directed to the Medical Superintendent and released only after taking proper consent from the patient or legally authorized attendants.
  • The patient’s privacy extends beyond their discharge from hospital, and beyond their death.
  • All patients related data shall be kept confidential, complete and secure both in physical or electronic form. This shall be in accordance with Indian Evidence Act, Indian Penal code, Code of Medical Ethics.

However exceptions for this would be:

  • The patient has consented to the disclosure of the medical information.
  • The clinician or medical facility is legally obliged to pass on the information.
  • The disclosure is for the purpose of the patient’s treatment by another clinician.
  • An Ethics Committee has decided, after giving the patient an opportunity to voice his opinion, that disclosure of the medical information is vital for the protection of the health of others or the public, and that the need for disclosure overrides the interest in the information’s non-disclosure.
  • Disclosure is for the purpose of publication in a medical journal, or for research or teaching purposes, in accordance with the state’s laws on this matter, and all details identifying the patient have been suppressed.
  • Data shall be disclosed only to the extent that the case requires, making every effort to suppress the identity of the patient.

Yes, the patient has right to access to his/her clinical record, which shall be in consonance with the Code of Medical Ethics and statutory requirements.

During Admission:

  • The Patient / authorized attendant of the patient or TPA personnel (with written consent of the patient) can access the clinical records of the patient but clicking pictures of the clinical records is not permitted.

After Discharge:

  • The Patient / authorized attendant of the patient or TPA personnel (with written consent of the patient) shall write an application to AMS on duty for access to his/ her medical records.
  • The identity of Patient / authorized attendant of the patient or TPA personnel is verified by AMS on Duty
  • The attendants / TPA official shall deposit the required fee at billing counter for the same.
  • The application along with the receipt is submitted to MRD officer.
  • The copy of the records shall be handed over to the respective person within 72 hours from the MRD office.
  • Authorization letter, patient’s consent, copy of identification proof and billing receipt of payment is maintained in the patient’s case file in MRD department by the MRD staff.

  • The patient has the right to file a complaint regarding services and is entitled to the information regarding the hospital’s mechanism for the initiation, review and resolution of such complaints.

    The feedback and complaints can be:
         1. Written on prescribed Feedback Form or Complaint registers (The feedback forms and complaint registers are available at all nursing stations, reception and OPDs.)
            l). The complaints / feedback received from IPD, is immediately conveyed to the respective Floor Administrator or AMS on duty, who then coordinates with concerned department to resolve the issue.
         2. Verbal or telephonic: AMS on duty coordinates with concerned department to resolve the issue.
         3. Online through e-mails at : [email protected] or [email protected]
         4. Suggestion Box is opened daily by Assistant Security Officer. The suggestions received are discussed in the administrative meeting.

  • Overnight stays are provided for patient being admitted in Ward. If the patient is in ward, 1 family member is allowed to stay overnight, so they can help perform patient’s activities of daily living.
  • The attendants / legal representative of patient admitted in ICUs can wait in waiting area.
  • For patient in Pediatric ICU and Pediatric ICU-II, presence of either of the parent is mandatory all the time.
  • For attendant / legal representative who is staying with the patient is provided with the Visitors card mentioning the details of the visitor.